Sunday, September 03, 2006

Busy Week

Allergy season is back, and I think I have a cold too.
But I had work to do.

Work wasn't very busy, so I got home earlier than usual most days. I've been cutting down trees in order to accommodate for the camper. I dropped eight trees. Phil helped me with two leaners yesterday, as he was cutting up a tree at his mother-in-law's home down the street. All fell just right, except the last one, a fairly small jack pine that hung up. We got a rope on it, and Shelly pulled as I pushed.

I got a burning permit from the RFD, and cut and burned all day yesterday. After dinner, Phil and his son stopped back over, and we shared a few beers around the fire.


Blogger Molecular Turtle said...

allergy season is winding down here. I'm glad for it but reactine might be able to help you.

10:40 AM, September 03, 2006  

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