Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hernia nee groin pull

I thought I had pulled a groin muscle in October. I thought I had pulled it dancing(read: drinking lots of Bud Light and dancing as if I was 21 and in better physical shape(I specifically remember doing The Twist very much, very hard(whether this is a medical possibility, I don't know))) at Mike's wedding. When my groin didn't get better with time, I paid more attention and did some research. The symptom I found on the internet which locked my personal diagnosis was a bulge in my groin when I coughed. I went to the walk-in clinic after work one day last week, and the doctor said that I did indeed have a hernia and I should see a surgeon about it.

Today I saw Dr. Bodensteiner, and he will be able to sew me up after the Christmas rush, and before the insurance turnover at the new year, on Dec. 28th. I will be limited to lifting no more than a gallon of milk for a week - no work, and for a couple of weeks after that about 10 lbs. John, my boss, said we should be able to work around it - that being the slowest part of the year.


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