Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Lucky One

Another busy weekend in the Northland.

Michaela had a sleepover at Lizzie's on Friday night. And all day Saturday, she attended the Red Cross babysitting instructional course. Then she and Jamie went to Mom & Dad's for a sleepover.

Jamie and Shelly hung out together Saturday, including the Y and DQ.

I worked with geocachers newbie and old-hand on placing our caches for this spring's Treasure Hunt. There were only 8 of us out in the field, but we came from Rhinelander, Eagle River, and Omro. Yes, Omro. Mike LaPorte, rsplash40, was staying at his in-laws in Eagle River, and offered to help out. The Calvettis from Eagle River and their cognitively diasabled friends took along newbies, Tony Jones and his daughter, and they calculated and placed an urban puzzle cache. Mike and I placed three bushwhackers, and somehow found time for lunch at the Claridge.

After that, Pete and Phil were going out to Starks to look at Pete's Plum Creek firewood permit pickings. I went along to scout geocaching land. We all found something good.

Today, the kids and I placed a cache in a small stand of large remnant hemlock out there.

And no, we didn't win at Flambeau last night. I just feel lucky to have a good life full of good people and happy pursuits.


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