Sunday, August 05, 2007

Apple Canyon Lake

Shelly and Shayne and I drove down to Grant County Friday night. We got to Scott & Angie's at about 1. The Gibson's, Mary, & our kids were there already. We popped up the camper, had a few beers and slept for a few hours.

Saturday we drove into Illinois for a day of fun. We golfed with the Malone's and then had a party at Jean & Pat's. Steve played bass in a band, "Just 1 More." They played a couple of sets for us on the porch, then brought out Jean's karaoke machine. Somewhere in there, Dave and I got a chance to find a few geocaches. One was near a questionable bridge.

Kayla stayed the night with Steve and Patti and their daughters, and Jamie stayed at Danny's. Michaela came back from Benton, and we retrieved Jamie from Dan & Charity's, along with a nice lunch.


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10:28 AM, August 06, 2007  

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