Sunday, September 21, 2008

Geese 'round here

Gave the cat a bath on Thursday.

Jamie & Kayla came over Friday. I rode my bike to Shelly's house, then the three of us rode back on the East River Trail. We picked some leaves for Kayla's science project on the way.

We went to Cranky Pat's for pizza - very good. Then we played Rock Band and watched the second Matrix movie (I edited slightly for content.)

In the morning, I made french toast and we checked out a couple of small parks: one a couple of blocks away, and a new one in Bellevue.

The kids went with Shelly to the Y for gymnastics and swimming, and I took Mary to Dave's brother's wedding. Inbetween the ceremony and reception, I rode my Nighthawk to find a geocache a little ways out of town. At around 9:30, I brought Mary and Sami & Logan home, and Jamie & Kayla arrived for a sleepover at the Gibson's.

This morning I awoke intending to read the Journal on the web, but I told myself, first I would put a link to it on my new webpage. The process provoking me to learn the new software and processes necessary to accomplish this task. It took a bit of googling, loading, setting, trialing and erroring; but a couple hours later, I opened the newspaper.

My new webpage: Way Leads on to Way (very rudimentary at this stage)


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