Sunday, November 02, 2008

Wittenberg and back

Friday evening, I got a quick ride on my Nighthawk. I delivered some candy to Mary as she was running out, and Dave was with the kids trick-or-treating. I had 1 trick-or-treater when I returned to change my clothes. Jamie & I went along to Joyce & Garron's, then to Pizzona's for a late halloween dinner.

Saturday saw Dave and Garron and I drive to Wittenberg for the Lions' District 27B2 convention. Saw some good speakers, and learned some good things. Wisconsin Lions are well-respected.

J & K and I had dinner and watched a movie with the Gibsons then returned home to watch another movie. Kayla didn't make it through. She had gymnastics in the afternoon, after being up late on Halloween with her friends.

Made some pancakes this morning, cached, watched The Pack, and Rock Banded.


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