Thursday, October 05, 2006



Calumet is peace pipe. We headed out after work on Friday, in the cold and rain, and arrived at Calumet County Park on Lake Winnebago around 9:45. The VonOepens and Gibsons were already there. I've never stayed on the ocean, but my imagination told my I arrived at the seashore that night. It wasn't as cold as up north, and the southwest wind coming across the lake was noticeably warm. The waves crashed against the rocks. The ring of lights of the Fox Cities shone through a swirl of grays: the water with slightly visible waves flashing varying muddled tones, the misty sky with a hint of light pollution that I didn't mind in this context, and the shadows of the old willows which held the cliffs together.

Our first pop-up camp set-up went very well. With Phil's expertise, and Dave's help, we built a temporary homestead. We sat around the fire for a couple of hours, sharing some B&B, and toasting Dave's birthday.

On Saturday the skies cleared. The men and boys geocached, and the women and girls went into Appleton to shop for a bit.

In the evening, Dan Hogan and his mom and children stopped by (Brenda had to work) - from Green Bay, Phil's sister Suzanne and her family - from Appleton, and his sister Jennifer and her dog - from Sherwood, also visited.

Sunday, most of us drove up to High Cliff State Park to check it out.

I "swam" in October.

And I found my 100th geocache.


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