Sunday, October 15, 2006

Whose House?

The lighting project went well yesterday. New ceiling cans in the kitchen. Flourescent bulbs, new flat switches. I'm a little sore today from kneeling on the rafters. Jamie built a model Camaro, and Michaela painted a wooden truck. Projects galore.

More today. Jamie & Kayla & I carved Jack-O-Lanterns from Mom & Dad's plentiful crop of orange gourds. Shelly turned Jack's embryos into snack food, and his flesh into dessert. She also found time to whip up Blue-Ribbon Chicken.

Whilst she cooked, the kids and I placed a geocache on a ridge in the Nose Lake region of the Oneida County Forest. These kids are troopers, we must have hiked 3 miles. No pear-tree dwellers in any of those miles, though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice pumpkins. Love the work the kids did.
Was this the logging road off Nose Lake Rd. that heads over to the Woodboro Springs Rd?
That was a wonderful thing Shelly did for you guys when you got home, a warm fire, a fine meal, not bad I'd say.

5:23 PM, October 16, 2006  

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