Saturday, December 23, 2006

White Christmas

Yesterday was the last delivery day before Christmas. We had good delivery weather during most of the Christmas season this year. Thursday evening brought freezing rain and sleet, Friday - rain, and at about 4:00 PM it turned to snow. It felt just right, maybe like taking a knee for a Super Bowl victory - the weather held off while we were working hard, and then, just as we were finishing the big push, 7-1/2 inches of snow fell, just in time for Christmas.

John had a table full of snacks for us as we pulled in last night. And he also had gifts for us. We, in turn, had pooled our resources for a gift for him. Then we went down to the local watering hole for some Christmas cheer.

This morning I snowblowed the driveway and swept the chimney one more time before my operation (I don't think the doctor will want me on the roof for awhile.)

This evening, we're going to Mom & Dad's for Christmas.


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