Thursday, January 11, 2007


I pushed through a self-course of the necessary html code to format my recipe web-pages.

I created an icon and placed it. Connected the recipes in the proper hierarchy, and typed out a couple of Mom's recipes. The first one took awhile. If something didn't look right, I'd set out into Google to find the proper html code. No bells and whistles, yet. But a functioning (small so far) web-based recipe book of Mom's recipes.

Our Home Page

Mom's Recipe Book(click on the Recipe button on the left of the dish to pull up the recipe.)

McAfee stunted my HTML programming growth.
Last year I found a weather sticker that I could cut & paste code onto my webpage, simple enough. But it didn't work. I tried to break down the code in my head, to find the error, but I couldn't. I set to the task again today, and I finally learned that my security software perceived my weather sticker as an ad, and blocked it. I fixed the blockage, and kow it works.

I gave up trying to program HTML for a year or so because I thought that I just didn't know how. I was like that pike in that science experiment: in a water tank, he on one side of a plexiglass window, baitfish on the other. He bonked against the plexiglass continually, until he reached the point where he gave up. Then, when the plexiglass was removed, he ignored the baitfish, even as they moved around him.


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