Sunday, January 07, 2007


Jamie, Dad, and I went out on the ice of Crescent Lake around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. We set up the tip-ups and went in the shanty to jig for walleyes and perch. Jamie and I ended up catching three walleyes on tip-ups, nobody caught anything jigging.

Michaela had been over to see Molly VonOepen's horse. After a few rides around the barn, Phil brought Matthew and the girls out on the ice, about 4:30 or 5.

We all had a good time. We didn't even notice that it was almost 8:00 when we got back to Grandma's house. The last walleye came from the last tip-up as it was being taken out.

Did filleted them for us, and when we got home, Jamie and Kayla and I had a late supper of fresh fish. Michaela coated them with the flour/egg/breading as I fried them.


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