Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ideal Nature

Yesterday Shelly, the kids, and I took Eric with us geocaching. We distributed travel bugs to the GNTH caches. We went to three around noon, then we went to Friendship House for lunch, then the kids and I visited the other three. We also placed one at Fredrich's Landing on the Wisconsin River in McNaughton.

This morning I was inspired during Mass, so I wrote to my Congressmen this afternoon.

An open letter to my representatives in Congress:

Dear sirs,

While attending Mass this morning, listening to the Passion of Jesus Christ, I thought of how This Man knew what was right. He spent His life helping others understand what is right. He acted to ensure that His society do what is right.

The powerful in His society had inherited and furthered a system in which their power would be preserved. The teachings, philosophy, and history of Jesus Christ are beyond the scope of this letter. What I need you to continually remind yourself is this: that you must do what is right.

What is right is that which furthers the existence of those who would further the existence of others. One who works only for his own good is not right. Those who work only to further the gains of his family, his company, his own kind are not right.

Do not let our society, our system of governance be shaped to protect the interests of the self-serving who have inherited and retained a lofty perch.

6.6 Billion. 300 Million. The population of our world and our nation. These numbers are difficult to hold in the human mind. But I'm sure you have met many people, heard many stories. Many of them you hold in your heart. Be ever vigilant to represent these persons. Stand in their name. Do what is right.

You gentlemen, my representatives, I respect. I have seen you uphold ideals in the face of political attack. Continue to lead your nation, to make our world right.


Bernard Ronyak
Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Senator Russ Feingold
Senator Herb Kohl
Congressman Dave Obey
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Washington Post


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"right" on brother; i was "moved" while reading that. i bet those reps like hearing that reinforcement. kudos! keep up that shit! enjoy the yao ming in wing ding...tony

6:48 PM, April 04, 2007  

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