Sunday, May 06, 2007

I like spring

Last weekend Dave and I found the most geocaches in one day that we've yet done. 20. Some I had been to before, so I think my count was 13. Jamie received Holy Eucharist for the first time, and we had a cookout. Scott and Angie and their kids were also up.

I kept busy every night this week. I guess I should try squeezing a short blog entry in more often. Although one night of business was Phil & I drinking beer and watching the Brewers only loss this week.

Yesterday Jamie & Kayla and I hiked into our Live It Up cache to replace the container. About a mile each way. Plenty of ticks. Today they went to Mom & Dad's for special day and made bug boxes from kits that Uncle Paul sent from Florida. I placed more caches in the Oneida County Forest near Bundy.

Jamie's in the shower and I can hear the radio playing "Big Country." Ain't it so.


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