Wednesday, June 27, 2007


It was 90 degrees and and very humid yesterday. Storms were making their way across northern Wisconsin. Jamie and I were bachelors for the night, and we had the keys to a boat.

We drove out to Mom & Dad's with our fishing rods. We picked up their mail while Fred was in Milwaukee. We got the pontoon boat key, and drove down the hill. We had the portage, and nearly the whole lake, to ourselves. After we cooled-off with a quick jump in the water (I was the first one under!) We casted our lures for a bit. The fish weren't interested in working in the heat either.

We finished up our night with some Taco Bell in the camper, while we watched the Brewers put-up a crooked number in the sixth (9 runs, including a Johnny Estrada grand slam). (BTW, they won again today for a sweep of Houston, with a Damian Miller walk-off 3-run homer in the 11th.)


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