Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Day two

We drove south and west to Ocean Shores.
Driving through the suburbs, we were admiring the subtle differences between our community and Washington's. Then I caught my breath. My eyes welled with tears at the beauty of seeing Mt. Rainier for the first time as we crested a hill on the freeway. The kids couldn't stop saying, "Whoa!" and, "Wow!" They renamed it Gibungo (Jibungo?).
We stopped for picnic supplies at Olympia. Shelly and Kayla got their nails painted while Jamie and I found a geocache.
We arrived at the ocean midafternoon.
Wow, whoa.
It was cool and breezy, but quite an experience. We checked into our motel, I had a Henry Weinhard's beer, we relaxed, geocached a bit, and had dinner at a local eatery.


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