Monday, July 02, 2007

Vacation stuff

Yesterday I mowed Mom & Dad's lawn, and then we had a picnic at the portage on the pontoon boat with Trevor & Cathy and the kids.

Today the kids and I went to Fleet Farm in Antigo to get a muffler for the car, and we found some geocaches, too.

Tonight, Shelly and Michaela are at waterski practice.

Jamie and I had some pizza and watched a few innings of the Brewers game. We paused the game after our stomachs settled to play some catch. Jamie couldn't find his little league ball, so we used his Brewers' Pepsi Kid's Club ball, a real hardball. He caught great, a big improvement over last week, when he was getting a little frustrated. His last catch was a high pop-up, and he caught it as he fell to the grass. It seems he might be an outfielder.


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