Sunday, August 19, 2007

Football America

Starting my story at the end, I happened to see the asterisk on yesterday's high temperature last night.
Shelly and I drove down the street to have a drink and visit with some friends at the bowling alley. They had an end of volleyball season party, and we went down after a movie (Superbad: funny, rude) and dinner (fettucine alfredo, with chicken, garden-fresh broccoli and bok choy (thanks Mom & Dad.))
The Packers game was on the TV's (they won 48-13(a lot of parenthesis today(?))) and then the local news. Yesterday's high temperature, 60, was a record low maximum.

Excellent football weather.

(click me)(then minimize sound player software)

Jamie had his first Pop Warner scrimmage today. He was "in a zone." Here's a nice play he wrapped up, coming in on a cornerback blitz:

Our day of football proceeded...

(click me)(then minimize sound player software)

As Jamie's scrimmage was winding down, Michaela and I went to find the grave of John Heisman. I knew he was buried in Rhinelander, and I knew which cemetery. But those are all the clues I could dig up.

We didn't find him.

I remembered seeing a map to his grave years ago, so we went looking for that. Historical Museum closed, Chamber of Commerce: nope, Logging Museum: uh-uh.

While eating leftovers at home, I tried different variations on my earlier google searches: BINGO!

I found this website. It has a couple of pictures of the grave, which include surrounding details. With this information, we were able to locate the grave.

We incorporated the dates from Mr. Heisman's grave into a geocache puzzle. The final container is located in the woods on the edge of the cemetery (near another unique feature: an approximately 20 foot obelisk, in the Brown family (Rhinelander founders) plot.) Geocachers know to respect cemeteries and their visitors. But we also like to find the buried history of an area.
I was content as I lied down in bed.


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