Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Last Thursday

Loki: god of mischief

Shelly & I decided to get the kids a puppy.

One of Shelly's boy's roommate's girlfriend's family had a puppy that was going to a home, and then wasn't.

Now he has a home.

When we received word that we could pick him up, I asked Shelly to wait until I got home to present him to the kids (a surprise.) That was right brfore the season's last waterski show.

With Shelly's work, we travel less, and have more volunteer dog-sitters. So in a sense, our lives are settling down a bit (from whence we last tried to be dog owners.) But just like in physics, when you take a measurement of something, you slightly change the reading, now our lives are a puppy more complicated.

He's redbone coonhound, bulldog, and boxer.


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