Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How was your day?

A nice day to be out and about.

(Vilas County Highway E, between Phelps and Land O' Lakes)

This morning I received an email telling me there was a new geocache (star on map) put out in my delivery area. I would be driving right past today, and I should have five minutes free.

I didn't have my GPSr, but with the cache listing and log info I read, the knowledge of the maps and area, and my tracking skills (thanks Dad), I was able to notice the subtle trail of the two parties who had been there before me.

This evening, while I prepared the carrots and beets that Mom & Dad had given us from their garden, I listened to a TTBOOK program about Jack Kerouac and other Beat artists.

Click here to listen.

(Pickerel Lake boat landing)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so when you stop on the side of the road while driving the speedee van, is it company policy that you must do a "speedee" pee?

9:01 PM, September 21, 2007  

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