Friday, April 10, 2009

In America

Where was I?

I just watched In America. What beauty. The emotions this movie pulls out. The story, the direction, the actors are all so,... beautiful. A portion of a lifetime, we witness. Full life. Rich, real, unadulterated, vivid, beautiful,... life.

I don't have any memory of this movie's release in 2002. Netflix's algorithms thought I would enjoy it. So I put it on the list. My mood last week related to the movie's blurb, so I pulled it nearer the top of the list. With no expectations, I watched. wow

--- i just googled the word beautiful within my blog (try it - at the top left) to see if I had linked to the Colin Hay song Beautiful World, I had . i scrolled through a nice little bit of beauty in my life :)


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