Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Easter


  • March 1 for dividing the calendar
  • March 20th for quartering the sky
  • Mean daily temperature reaches 43° (when most plants of middle and higher latitudes begin growth)

I was the first to find a new geocache yesterday, I rode my motorcycle. I walked along the East River by East High School and witnessed a river rodent fight. The stunned and bloody loser allowed my approach to within about 8 feet.

I had a puzzle to solve in order to return home. The keyed ignition switch on my motorcycle failed. The engine would only run while the key was held-fast clockwise. After a few minutes I realized I could wedge my glove, and I returned home.

Dan Hogan called, he and Conner were looking for a reason to be out and about, so Conner played the racing game on the PS3 while Dan and I solved my electrical issues.

We ventured into our community in the afternoon for some interaction with the greater society: Fleet Farm and Wertel's Tap.

This morning I cleaned the kitchen and maintained my motorcycle while learning about our understanding of happiness. You must cultivate your attitude in order to realize your bounty of happiness.

In our understanding, the Son of God chose to die in order that we might live more fully than we can comprehend - a lot of happy there, as the happiness results from both the giving and the receiving, as opposed to the dreary emptiness of static existence.

T(my soul)≥43°


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