Monday, December 21, 2009


What is the physiologic purpose of the the emotional buzz of profound joy one feels when he knows he is well, good, and lucky, in a good place and time.

It wasn't much, but I gave the Salvation Army bell-ringers a buck as I left Woodman's tonight. The ten-year-old boy with his trumpet mentioned to his Mom how people weren't staying to hear his songs, so I told him I had heard him from the parking lot as I arrived. He had a proud smile then, and said that, yes, he was doing his job right if people can hear him all the way out there. Then I smiled and pushed my cart out into the longest night of the year, choking up a little, eyes welling. Though I'm not rich, I gave something. Though I'm not outgoing, I shared happy thoughts with my neighbors. And though some things in life are difficult, I'm doin' alright.

Maybe it's a healing harmonic. A peaceful wave that reboots and resets what's off-kilter in us, telling us:



Blogger HodagWriter said...

Alignment. To the correct path. Timed by landmarks within past emotional givings and receivings. Via inner monologue cycles of self correction, chastisement, learning, implementation, and then a moment of self-forgiveness. It allows acceptance, then, of all things. It is functioning within a collective opening of chemical valves within brain, creating a grand cascade of collected joy, when compared to the usual disparate irregularity that we call "normalcy", (the irregularly opened and closed preceptors of those chemicals are allowed to align). Harmony emerges, between conscious and subconscious. The result is the musician's path. Tuned across spectrums of both place and time, including history and present, while the cosmic balance of stones of the heavens share equilibriums of heat and light, shadow and cooling... you found the pulse of a celestial rhythm, a circulation in a corpus so old we usually fail to grasp its patient heartbeat as we ride our circumnavigating, fleeting orbits within it, until it returns (we return to it), and we give ourselves to pass thru this tumbler in the clockworks again... thrum, thrum, thru and thru. It demands an outlet, a recognition (recalling the cog), a sharing to demarcate its location, and by so sharing you leave a landmark of that beat for the other whom it is shared with, setting within them a reminder of this place and time. We own it as much as we can each time it comes around by the act of sharing it. Nice catch. Nice release.

11:37 AM, December 22, 2009  

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