Saturday, October 28, 2006

Days go by

Much done since last I wrote.
Had my letter published in the Journal Sentinel.
Badgers beat Purdue.
Packers beat Miami.
Badgers beat Illinois.
Kids had a good day at Grandma & Grandpa's.
We all had a good meal of tacos there.
Sunday during and after the Packer game, I raked the front yard. With the light wind's of Monday night and Tuesday assistance, I raked the back yard on those evenings.
Changed the car oil Thursday night.
Cleaned the gutters and put away backyard stuff for winter during the Badger game, and replaced the downstairs light fixtures afterwards.
Kids & Shelly went to Rouman Theater's Halloween party today.

Shelly had her hair dyed yesterday, but she didn't like the outcome. She brought the color back a little today with Clairol's help.
Saddleview Knob geocache location
E Big Lake Loop Rd. - Three Lakes
Me in the back yard
two from Javen Rd. - Three Lakes


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