Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Got a lot done yesterday afternoon.
Friday night we went to VonOepen's for pizza and the Brewer's game. Phil texted to tell me he was going to the dump in the morning if I had something. So I brought some stuff. So yesterday I cleaned out that corner where I had gotten my stuff... an old dishwasher, some broken sleds, and Shelly's old changing table.
Then we made curb ramps (for driving the truck & camper in and out of the South yard) from pine logs (thanks, Tony.)
When I say "then" I'm talking about my stream of consciousness style of multiple projects and ideas starting, tumbling over one another and hopefully reaching the sea, although some are dashed against the rocks.
Then we set up the camper. Then we cut down the stumps that were making it difficult for a newbie to maneuver a truck and camper combo. Then we set up the camper.
Then we had a campfire and the kids camped out last night.


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