Sunday, May 20, 2007

Workin' in the back yard

I built a stereo cabinet and installed some old stereo components in the backyard. Thanks for the speakers, Tony.
Phil and his neighbor played tennis at Pioneer Park, and he brought J&K along to play with his kids, then they went to Dairy Queen.
Then Kayla went with Molly to ride her horse, and Jamie went with Shelly to Bob's to wash cars. And I started project number next. I built a simple cabinet into the north-side fence-panel shed for the kids sporting goods. (And I used those short pieces of treated 2x4's that I wasn't going to take from your old house, Tony.) Kayla helped quite a bit. She even used a power tool (sander).

Shelly made gumbo to help keep me working 'til the project was done, about dusk.


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