Saturday, January 31, 2009

Free hot dog with 10 gal purchase

Officer Farva would be proud of me.

The gas station where we fill-up our work trucks has a member program where they give you a free snack or drink with a 12 gallon fill. I also use my member card when I fill my own truck, so I wait until I need 12 gallons. Also, it seems I cannot get a free thing twice on the same day, and since I usually put 12 gallons in my work vehicle, I wait for an off day to fill my truck.

I was on E last night when we picked-up Kayla from teen night at the Y. And just when we drove into the garage, the final-warning-idiot-light came on. (The Tundra just doesn't understand the challenges of living in this economy.)

So on the way to bringing Kayla to Shelly's so she could go to her gymnastics meet in Sturgeon Bay,

  • I put-in 12.1 gallons, and got her a free raspberry iced-tea Snapple.
  • Jamie and I got some groceries, then went to the gas station on the other end of Verlin and needed 8 gallons for a free coffee, and 10 for a dollar off the car wash (my black truck was white).
  • It clicked off at 9.7. But I got 'er done, in the tank - not the garbage can.

It's a good day.


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