Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pause Project

Sometimes we're not ready.

Complete step 1 before moving on...

Maybe I was supposed to learn about shielding my new switch's contacts in the garage before a short happened on the road. I did this and then other things fell into place.

Dan Hogan helped me take apart the fusebox assembly a couple of weekends ago, we found and repaired the switch, then drank some beer. I figured I'd not put it back together in that state. The weather turned, other things came up, once or twice I had a few minutes to do a bit, but I just couldn't see how one part that Dan had disassembled was supposed to be oriented. Today I had time. I sat down, moved some wires, saw a spark, and shielded the contacts. Then I saw.


Move on to the next step.

I think I read Zen And The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance when I was younger. Maybe I'll have to pick it up again.


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