Monday, June 08, 2009

Happy (early) Father's Day

I've been enjoying life without schedule on this vacation. The physical world and my mind blending more than usual. It's nice. It's natural.

I've always noticed things. I believe one of my skills is to see relationships in disparate ideas. Sometimes, the co-incidental nature of a moment throws sparks into the underbrush, emotional flare-ups occur. Is this the grace of God in our lives? - and I don't mean to be cold by saying this, because I have a warm heart - or is this just coincidence? It's not just coincidence, as the occurrence of these things and the ideas associated with them, in close spatial and temporal proximity, have triggered an emotional response. And the cause and result of the emotion is not always understood. But we are fully alive when we strive to know more, when we reach beyond our existence, becoming more than who we are. Beyond our understanding is our God. Our emotions connect us to our God.

I have the peace, on this day, to reconstruct and record this moment.

While cleaning and cooking downstairs, I often listen to To The Best of Our Knowledge. I download a particular hour to a USB flash drive, and bring it down to my flat screen. The audio plays along with a collection of my photographs. Today I listened to How We Learn. TTBOOK is a series of interviews on a given subject. At one point, I walked through the living room and saw a picture of me and my Dad ice-fishing; and the voice said, " they got to be who they were, and who inspired them."


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