Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Place is very important to me.

I am an individual. I am a part of a greater being. It is one existence.

I understand as much of this existence as I can. And that is my reality. As my understanding grows, so does my reality.

I do not know that there is more than I know. But there always has been. And my best guess is that there always will be.

In my understanding of my existence, I am bound by rules. I will exist in this space and this time. And every bit of time that flows through me, and every portion of space that I flow through is special, because it is me.

Today I learned about a man from Wisconsin, about whom I thought I knew a bit, an eccentric architect. Wow! What a life. And that was only a portion of the story that Ken Burns shared with me. (Thanks Wisconsin Channel.) I think I should be able to - just checked - Netflix has Frank Lloyd Wright on instant play, I'll be able to watch the rest at my leisure.

Then I learned about the last US Battleship - Wisconsin.

I strive for balance in my life. I try not to be boastful, but I do know what pride feels like. And that feeling glows when the idea of this place lights my fire.

Wait a minute, I'm not sure if time exists. So maybe space doesn't either.

My best guess is that I will come to understand more.


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