Sunday, May 03, 2009

Experience: nothin' like it

Saturday at Lambeau Field Atrium: YMCA Healthy Kids Event.

Michaela did some tumbling with her team to show younger kids how fun it can be to stay fit. Then she joined up with Jamie, Logan & Sami to check out the other activities.

We cooked some hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill. Then the kids played some video games and ran around outside.

We headed over to Gibson's for dinner. We all had picked a horse - so we could holler at the TV during the Kentucky Derby. Nobody picked that 50-1. Played some catch and visited whilst the master griller performed his magic on that chicken.

Logan came over to stay with Jamie and I, and Kayla stayed with Sami. Today, Kayla went with Sami and Dave to the Hannah Montana movie, and Logan and Jamie and I went geocaching. We all met up here for a wind-down, Jamie and Logan - video games, Dave, Kayla and I - cribbage, and Sami explored. She spotted a snake, so we all went out for a few minutes of excitement as we tried to corral the two foot garter, but he snuck away.


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