Sunday, June 07, 2009

Time slips away, and leaves you with nothin', Mister

Last weekend - yes I'm a pokey blogger these days, but I'm glad my instinct to record my experiences doesn't outweigh my desire to enjoy my time on Earth - we went to Fonferek Falls.

It... was... awesome!

I can't believe this place isn't more well known. I've heard it's quite slow when the water's low, but WOW! what a cool place. We met up with The Hogans there for a bit, Kayla, Jamie, Conner & Dylan all had wet feet - Jamie and Conner practically scaling a quarry wall downstream.

Sunday afternoon, I went for a motorcycle ride to the Pilsen and Krok areas. Went one-for-two on geocaches. Cool ride, but cool time. Returned home in time to catch the end of the Milwaukee Mile and see Steve Stricker finally win The Colonial in extra holes.

Sunday night, I practiced guitar with Dan. Dave & Nicky stopped by after their anniversary dinner to listen. We hadn't played together for a couple of weeks, and it showed. This week I practiced my guitar a lot - five or six hours yesterday, playing, formatting and printing my tabs for our "show" for our friends at the beerfest campfire.

Friday night, Jamie and his friend Manny came over, we worked on Jamie's science project and played some Rock Band.

On a cool Saturday morning, Jamie's baseball team, the Pink Flamingo's, played what their coach called "their best game all year." It was a good game. Jamie had a great at-bat: putting the bat on every ball near the strike-zone, letting the poor pitches past, then smoking the ball up the middle, where the other team put together a pretty good put-out, beating Jamie by a half-step.


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