Friday, December 25, 2009

Beautiful life

We had Christmas Eve dinner last night, the kids and I. I felt a little bad because they didn't physically open gifts from me - they are now privy to the knowledge that I'm taking them on a ski-trip, which I've saved and planned for, to da UP, with our friends, the VonOepens at the end of January. I've some presents for them to open at the Ronyak Christmas next weekend, and Shelly will have a pile under the tree for them this morning and at the Baxter Christmas in January.

We watched a couple of movies, Short Circuit (while we cooked the venison roast and reset Michaela's crystal project) and Paul Blart: Mall Cop (thanks for the movies, Danny and Cori). Also, after dinner we tried a few of these Christmas Party science tricks .

Then after I brought J&K back to Shelly's, I had a Manhattan and watched Julie & Julia (thanks for letting me borrow it, Mary). Interesting film, to which I have connections: blogging, cooking, writing, learning.

And now a peaceful, three-day weekend. A Christmas miracle.


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