Tuesday, January 15, 2008

And... it's still January

Saturday, we went to watch the Packers at the VonOepens, good time, good game.

Afterwards, we all went to the Claridge. Dickson's well failed, so they spent the weekend there, and invited us to visit. We patronized the bar, spent some time by the pool, ordered some pizza and watched the Patriot's game.

Sunday we made brunch and played pool and Catch-Phrase with Telly and ATL. And yesterday we all went swimming at the Y and got a treat at DQ.

Kayla had her first junior high gymnastics meet tonight, she took 5th on the beam, and tied for 5th on the floor exercise. Jamie had wrestling practice tonight. Shelly got a tattoo of her children's names on her ankle. And I carried firewood and made gumbo and cake.

Hoo-boy, keep on truckin'.


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