Sunday, February 08, 2009

Fox Cross 1-7-2

Went to Lambeau with Jamie and Dave yesterday. They had a community activity day. It turned out that Jamie was on the high edge of the age scale for the activities they had there, so the long lines convinced us to move on to geocaching after the karate demo.

We found a few caches, had lunch and played some darts at The Bar where Dave used to work. (Jamie won - 301) Then we headed to Riviera bowling alley where my friend Jeff Kite was bowling. He lives in Eau Claire, he was my roommate in Platteville, and we recently have been talking on Facebook. He let me know he was going to be in town for the State Tournament and I told him we'd stop by for a couple of beers and some catching up. He's a pretty good bowler, too. In the meantime, Jamie played skee-ball and various other ticket-earning games to win some prizes.

Shelly dropped Kayla off after her gymnastics meet last night - she did very well. Then we watched Wall-E on Blu-Ray. Michaela wasn't feeling well, so we mostly hung out with computer games and Rock Band today. Jamie conquered the medium level on guitar.(Got a little fresh air with a game of 500 and a trip to Copps for nachos ingredients.)


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