Sunday, June 21, 2009

2 busy 2 blog


Thursday the 11th was the kids' last day of school - picked 'em up and headed north.

Got to Mom & Dad's for a rotisserie grilled chicken dinner. And walleye fishing. Awoke to summertime coffee on the lake. Kayla went with Molly to check on Molly's horse. Matthew hung out with Jamie while I readied the camper (the boys helped me load the firewood.)

Took the tourist train with four kids to camp. Set up camp - there were Rinikers all over the place :) Matt went with the kids and I to Smugglers for a late lunch. Matt & I tried the incredibly volatile horseradish, and mouth-numbing hot sauce, (Rich makes 'em both.) Returned to a fun evening at the campground as old friends rolled in every once in awhile. Doug and I owned the euchre table until about 3:30 AM, when Jeff & Lanny finally wore us out.

Saturday, June 13th, 2009 - Riniker Open - Lake Forest Golf Club, 9:00 AM - first tee

18 players, 2-person teams, best-ball, 9 holes

Came down to a playoff on the putting green. Dave Gibson & Jeff Kite vs. Dan Rung & Andy Riniker. Dan & Andy prevailed. Returned to lunch at the campground.

2-6 PM, Hi-Pines Campground, 5th Annual Great Northern Beer Festival. Muy cerveza ;)

Dan Hogan & I played our guitars and sang our songs around the campfire. And this night didn't go as late.

Broke camp, found a geocache. Returned the camper to it's spot at Mom & Dad's - after a thorough cleaning. Then made the late return to Green Bay.

This past Friday, Garron and Dave and his kids, and I, J&K went to the Green Bay Blizzard arena football game. Logan and Sami came over for a sleepover last night. And today we went to Brady Hogan's baptism and dinner. (And in the middle of the week, Shelly took the kids to Valleyfair Amusement Park in Minnesota - they've had an eventful summer vacation so far.)


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