Saturday, August 01, 2009

A little behind

Derriere petit?

It seems I've taken to the quick, sometimes instantaneous sharing of my life on Facebook. But that doesn't afford me the opportunity to share my more complex ideas; and larger events are more difficult to pare down to Facebook's sample size.

But I have no excuse, other than fatigue, for not sharing this past months activities.

My accuracy in recording slips with time. Funny how that works. So I'll just kind of throw out the jist of the month.

The weekend of the Fourth, I made it up to Crescent Lake for dinner with Mom & Dad. They and Carmen, Courtney, Alexa and Eli, and Larry & Janice were going to watch the fireworks on the lake. I went to Hoha's to visit with Trevor & Catherine and their kids and Mark, and Jim & Barb. It was a great visit.

Then a work visit.
That lasted two weekends.

Dan Hogan is a friend of mine, and I've known his parents for years. His parents, Dan & Carole have been building their home in Eagle River for years. From scratch. From the trees that sprouted after the lumbermen first cleared this land.

They felled the the trees to make space for the home. Turned the trees to timbers and lumber. First built a garage while they lived in a camper for a couple of years. While still working, he in construction, cabinetry, and gunsmithing and she a nurse. Built a workshop (that any woodworker would drool over) and began the home.

And still they work on the home. A couple of years ago, health problems slowed them down a bit. This summer Carole invited her cousins to reunite in the Northwoods. But she needed help. Dan helps a lot, and when I was over for Dan & Brenda's son Brady's baptism, Carole asked if I would help. And so now, my work is part of this magnificent building.

They repaid me with home-cooked meals, cameraderie, a cookout at the neighbors, a jamboree of sorts (Dan is a maestro, his Dad plays guitar and sings, his Uncle is a bluesman, and I'm learning. We had four guitarists sharing three guitars, sipping cola, beer and Irish whiskey on the back porch of this exquisite Norwegian log home; putting on a concert for the red pines.)


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