Saturday, August 01, 2009

That's what she said

Danny Baxter has been in town all week. Dave had talked to Dan in the past about having Danny come up to stay for a week. And while we shared some margaritas around the fire at Dave's last Friday night, I reminded Dave that Shelly could bring him back, as she was in Hazel Green for Angie's birthday. He texted Shelly, she talked to Dan, and Danny had himself a vacation by the Bay.

Saturday I golfed with a couple of guys from work and their friend, then I took the cousins for the first night. Pizza at Cranky Pat's, playing outside, Rock Band, a movie, and popcorn at home.

Sunday Dave and Nicky and I took all the kids on the Fox with his Waverunner and Shelly's boat. That was my first time on a jet-ski - faster than I imagined.

Shelly moved to a new duplex on Tuesday and Wednesday with Dave, Nicky & Mary's help. Doug came to town for job interviews and helped her too. I had all the kids and Doug over for a cookout while they finished up Wednesday night.

(the title of this entry comes from the kids' exploring of the English language and its relationship to pop-culture inspired by Danny's habit of trying to drop this phrase into context, and as cousins are wont to do, they share the joy of the new, brought to them from far-off places)


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