Saturday, December 26, 2009

From my perch on high

There is a community that is planning an expedition based upon a goal I have created.

Almost three years ago, Michaela, Jamie and I took a very long hike on a Saturday in February. We stopped for cappuccinos in Three Lakes and headed out to the source of the Eagle River near Hiles. It was quite a challenge, but a supremely peaceful location, we found upon arrival.

A few weeks ago, I was made privy to the knowledge that a group of established geocachers from around Wisconsin was planning a journey to this geocache of ours. It seems that one of them had tried and failed to reach this destination last winter, and it gnawed at him. So after a few weeks of planning, tomorrow morning, they're meeting by a forest service gate in rural Forest County for cookies and cocoa. Then after conquering the elements, they'll return for BBQ in the woods.

All because I studied maps, wondered what that place would be like, and we went to see.


Blogger HodagWriter said...

How'd you get high eating perch? That must me a Eagle River thing.

4:39 PM, January 07, 2010  

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