Sunday, August 22, 2010


I usually sleep until a predetermined time at which I awaken and do predetermined activities... work, visits, chores, vacation. And I seem to have adapted to staying up until I am very tired - to do as much as possible with my waking moments. I think this has lessened the quality of my sleep. I'm not saying I'm going to change, just that I'm noticing differences between my usual hard, "get 'er done sleep," and a "now I will rest until I awaken" sleep.

I dreamed. I'm told that since I'm human, I dream every night. But I don't often remember dreams, as I've trained myself to awaken and directly move on with waking life. But this morning, I awakened slowly, and I allowed the fading details of my slumberous adventures to seep into my consciousness.

Setting: My parents home on the lake in rural Northern Wisconsin, late summer evening.

Cast (from what I know of my dreams, details don't always have concrete existences as in our waking lives): family - I remember feeling like it was a visit of extended family and friends.

Scene: I was walking across my parents yard, when I looked up and saw a ship flying across the evening sky - a smallish inland waters dinner cruise ship. I yelled to everyone to come and see, and I ran into the house for my video camera. When I returned to the back yard, everyone watched it maneuver through spins and tricks above the field behind my parents house. I filmed as best I could, at one point zooming in on the people in the ship and their maps on the desk. Dick Vitale was on the microphone as the tour guide, and they were a group of tourists that had come to Wisconsin from Kansas.

As evening turned to night, a few of us went down by the lake, to climb a viewing tower - like you might find at a park. The ship was leaving, and we wanted one last look. My brother was about to scale the tower on the side opposite the stairs, a friend pointed out the stairs, and we all began the climb... and then I awakened.

Interpretation and backstory: I had watched an episode of X-Files before bed (season 1, episode 2 [Seth Green co-starred.]) And my brother and I have some different philosophies of life.


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Where's all your comments? I'm reading this on work time and sometimes our front desk person comes over to my desk to tell me she is heading away from the desk, during which time I have to watch the phones and door. I notice she rarely misses the opportunity to sneak a peak at my screen. It bugs me. I don't think she needs the info of how often I'm screwing around reading my brother's blog.

1:34 PM, August 25, 2010  

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