Sunday, January 24, 2010


A rainy weekend in NEW. So I'm hangin' out indoors. Played music and board games with the Hogans and their neighbors Friday night. Yesterday I sorted pictures on the hard-drive, surfed a little - there's probably a better word for how I move through the internet, e-ander? (like meander) - I start with the moment's wonder, often quickly linked to music in my mind. Then, when I've accomplished and fleshed out the recollection, I move on to whatever this new moment has inspired - it often leads to me digging and mining for information - in order that I might build upon my knowledge and create new ideas. I don't think I'll ever be focused on pushing one large idea forward - like the scientist who discovers the cure for a disease, but hopefully my ever-increasing knowledge, and my Cliff Claven-like expression of ideas helps the other lives that I touch to grow. For we shant become stagnant. We must continue to grow and adapt to whatever our environment presents us with. Like the call of the victors, WE ARE LIFE!
Life forms adapting to their environment, at peace with their existence (from The Pabst Blog - - a pond hockey tournament in Colorado.


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