Sunday, September 12, 2010

Finding balance

I'm a critic by nature. Sensitive. I notice detail.

Through my life, I've striven for balance in all areas (it wouldn't be balance if I didn't try and even everything out.)

So I get mostly steady on a given plane, then as I settle in, I adapt. I feel the subtle incongruencies of my environment and I flow with them or push against them as I see fit.

I've been cleaning house this weekend, moreso than usual. I've still been social - I went to Jamie's football game yesterday, and today I'm going to Shelly's son's baptismal party. And I've watched some golf, played some music, did some shopping and had a good visit with Phil on the phone. But I've been in a cleaning zone.

And as my physical body works and scrubs, my mind wanders to thoughts, memories, philosophies and dreams. So I have to say, given ample time and no schedule, I rather enjoy house cleaning.

And so, as I finish the weekend by tidying up a few loose ends, I'll take a deep breath of this refreshment I've brought into my life. I'll smile.



Blogger Eileen said...

It is good to be in balance and sooooooooooooo good for a parent to read that a son is content. Weeding is akin to cleaning in that you can let your mind wander as you do it and still accomplish noticeable results. It also has the added benefit of connecting you with mother earth.

2:14 PM, September 13, 2010  

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