Saturday, September 08, 2012

No God, No Master

In the summer of 2009, the kids and I attended the Scobey family reunion in Milwaukee. We stayed at the Radisson in Glendale, where, coincidentally, there happened to be a movie production office. My brother Dan and his wife Cori (motion picture aficionados) talked to some of the crew about the film, No God, No Master (IMDb).

A couple times a year since then, I'd google it to see how the production was coming along. Seems they've finally premiered it. (trailer) But they're still looking for a distributor.

And then I followed the director's (Terry Green) IMDb listing to find another compelling film. Heavens Fall.

And one more IMDb note. My friend Dickson has an IMDb listing, from the movie Mindwarp (1992) (trailer) partially filmed in Sugar Camp, Wisconsin.


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