Saturday, May 14, 2011



talking to Jamie about dissonance and consonance, then the association with philosophy - the good is better after surviving the bad.

showed him Rodney Atkins' If You're Going Through Hell.

looked up the chords someone had posted on the internets, they weren't right..

dug into relearning myself a little bit on chord progressions, (fits and starts)

found that A, Bm, and C#m worked for the verse (the other guy had the chorus right - ADE, full chords) but the verse was too bright with full chords. I strum power chords (5ths) on each change, then pluck the roots (A, B, and C#.)

If anyone's got a Round Tuit they can give me, I'll post these chords to Ultimate Guitar and see if I can get some feedback. Sounds right to my ear and mind at present.


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