Saturday, November 06, 2010

Time away

As time is a construction of the human mind, this post is only relatively relevant. But I like to tell stories, so here's another:

I haven't blogged for awhile, but I've still been telling stories. Maybe I'm not inventing a bestselling kitchen appliance or negotiating peace in the Middle East, but I believe I am living a worthwhile life. I am choosing to continue to progress. Though life is comfortable in stasis - those moments when my nest has been built comfy and the winds of change are calm. It does not last. The next front moves in, stirs things up; I perceive, adapt, and rebuild. And I share with you, what I choose. You... the world, others.

As the technology of communication and information changes, so does our relationship with that technology. And it seems that our ideas are being shared more quickly, and spread more widely; however, the size of the packet of data is shrinking. I've taken to sharing bullets of information about my life and mind on Facebook. Sometimes, I'll share longer stories face to face with a living human being, or an email. I rarely use the phone for conversation. And I rarely write a letter.

So zooming out, I see a shifting of the balance of our information sharing. In the past, we would tell long stories, to one person (or a few people) written on paper, infrequently. We are moving towards sharing shorter stories, many times a day, to many people at once. I don't know if the total amount of information being shared has changed much - the total energy spent on that section of our lives may be relatively constant.

A storyteller telling a story about storytelling. And I didn't even know where I was going with this until I started typing. I just had a cup of coffee, a little time, and a nagging feeling that I should post something on my blog.


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