Saturday, November 06, 2010

Virtual adventure

My phone rang just after seven this morning. Michaela forgot her floor music for the first gymnastics meet of the season in Waukesha.

Shelly's idea was for me to burn another CD and meet her on the freeway - I had the song on my computer, as Michaela had made a copy at my house. As I was booting up the computer (and myself), Shelly called back and said that it wouldn't work, Green Bay GymStars were on the floor first in the rotation. Meanwhile, Kayla texted her friends; no one else had the same music, but in the past, others had emailed their song to someone at the meet who played it from their laptop. Shelly called the Waukesha Y. They thought they could burn a copy to disc if we sent the song data. I emailed the mp3 to Shelly's phone, Kayla's phone, and the email address that Shelly had gotten from the Waukesha Y.

I just heard from Shelly - it worked. And Kayla got an 8.0 on her floor routine!


Blogger HodagWriter said...

Awesome story!!! 8.0 after all that effort. Nice! I was just thinking how we used to make Kool Aide. I haven't made it in twenty years but I remember we dumped in a full cup of sugar. A full cup of sugar. It boggles the mind to pour in that much sugar, but ya gotta make it taste good. I remember the way the powder would hang in the air and sting the nostrils. I wonder if that is a lung hazard.

4:31 PM, January 13, 2011  

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