Saturday, August 13, 2011


The Tempest - Giorgione
I have just read A Soldier of The Great War by Mark Helprin.

A story of life, love, sadness, beauty, loss and resurrection.

You should read it.

I was inspired a few weeks ago, by the creations of Derek Sivers.

I found this quote on his website (randomly generated), "The best chance you have, if you want to rise, is to give yourself up to loneliness, fear nothing, and work hard." I was compelled to learn more about the source. So I read the book. And it has now become a part of my being. As I read the book these past few weeks, I believe it has already begun to manifest itself in my own art - this almost living thing, this idea, that is this book, is pushing though the filter that is me, and is coloring my creations. I am a sensitive critic to my own existence - a perception I refer to as, "living meta." Last weekend the beginnings of a song exuded from me - a mode, or scale, new to me.. a rhythm new to me.. first a melody which inspired the chordal structure of what I feel will be the chorus, then the walk of the verse - the plaintive climb to that high point. A pounding beat that waits on the edge of the finishing chorus - wondering, hoping for what is to come next, then back to the trudge.. the bridge, where we find the realization, we notice that something special is happening, has been happening all along, and it is expressed within the context of this song.. this life. The theme of the lyrics is building in me now, but I haven't yet expressed it through my voice or pen.. it is still a feeling. But I am quite confident it is connected to this story.

I watched a locally (LA) televised book review from the early 90's on YouTube this morning. Do not watch these videos if you haven't read the book - too many spoilers. Just take it from me: read the book.


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