Sunday, July 10, 2011

Making movies

Sometimes, you work at something for a long time. You really put a lot of thought into it.. and you think it's going well.

Then you step back, take a good long look.. and something's not quite right. All along, you were doing it wrong.

And what you're left with in the end, isn't worth having. It isn't worth sharing with the world. You have to start over.

You made your mistake, you see it, you solve the problem, you tear it down, and build it back up again.

And it will be better.

I made a movie yesterday for my friends' band, Travesty. I had filmed a couple of their shows last month, then yesterday, I had the time and mindset to compose the scenes. I worked on it for quite a few hours. I was satisfied with the composition, and began the time-consuming processes of getting the video to YouTube. (The final encoding with the Pinnacle software, and the uploading to YouTube.) When it was up, I watched it one more time.. it wasn't right. The video was boxed-in, the people were squeezed. I set my mind to figure it out. It turned out to be something that I thought was a "throw-away" setting. But in fact, it was something that I couldn't come back from. No simple fix. Try again.

The good thing about trying again is the experience you now have. Generally, you have a better idea of your subject and the processes involved in completing your task.

So go ahead, click on "New Project," you've got work to do in order to get this thing done.


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