Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chuck Norris

Jamie's Pop Warner football team's name is Chuck Norris. Jamie plays left guard, kickoff coverage (no. 20), and sometimes on the D-line. He said they didn't do too well last week (I was in Madison.) Last night I saw them hold on fourth down on their own 10. When they got the ball they scored on an 80-yard TD play. They scored on another long pass, and only allowed one score. They seem to be improving. Not the Pack.

After the Bengal debacle today, I, J, and K went to Hogan's. Jamie hung out with Conner while Kayla and I played music with Dan (she's a good drummer.)


Dave and I went to Madison last weekend to watch the Badgers and hang out with my buddies from Platteville. Thanks Facebook.

We tailgated downtown. Also Pram owns a restaurant, so the radio station that he advertises with gave him tickets for all of us to attend their party with food and drink. Some of us went to a bar for the second half, then we tailgated some more, went to the Tilted Kilt for dinner, played some euchre at the motel, then went to hang out at Bandung for awhile.

Yes, it's been quite a summer

Labor Day weekend we went Up North.
Dad and Uncle Paul and I went golfing with Deacon Mike Harvey. They thought they had a challenge when I parred the first hole with a twenty foot putt. That's all I have to say about that.

Sunday we went to the horseshoe tournament with the Eddy's. This year, Rocky said it'd be okay if Jamie brought a cake and we celebrated his birthday along with hers.

Joy and awe

On August 29th, Jamie and I drove down to Hazel Green. Michaela spent the week with Scott and Angie. Jamie had football practice all week. I attended Torrey Bahr's wedding with some of the Baxter clan.
On the return trip, we decided to head off-route. We went to see the canyon by the wayside that Dave and I found geocaching a couple of years ago.

William Tatonka

On August 22nd, Kayla, Jamie and I went to the Packers/Bills pre-season game. Michaela's first game, she said she didn't mind that it was a pre-season game. She was excited to get to go to this big event. But,... it seems it wasn't what she expected it would be. We stayed into the third quarter, and now she knows what it's all about. We still had fun, she just didn't have the excitement and awe that most newbies exhibit.

It's been...

4 weeks since I blogged. 2 long. 1 week at a time.

Here we go...