Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bottom of winter

Another day, another dollar.

I got to see Jamie's basketball game last night. He started at point guard. He did a good job bringing the ball down, listening to the coach and working the offense. He scored too. And on defense he was a monster! He owned those boards, and also took a few steals. Pictures from gyms don't turn out very well, plus he was always moving, but here's a shot of him securing a rebound.

Free hot dog with 10 gal purchase

Officer Farva would be proud of me.

The gas station where we fill-up our work trucks has a member program where they give you a free snack or drink with a 12 gallon fill. I also use my member card when I fill my own truck, so I wait until I need 12 gallons. Also, it seems I cannot get a free thing twice on the same day, and since I usually put 12 gallons in my work vehicle, I wait for an off day to fill my truck.

I was on E last night when we picked-up Kayla from teen night at the Y. And just when we drove into the garage, the final-warning-idiot-light came on. (The Tundra just doesn't understand the challenges of living in this economy.)

So on the way to bringing Kayla to Shelly's so she could go to her gymnastics meet in Sturgeon Bay,

  • I put-in 12.1 gallons, and got her a free raspberry iced-tea Snapple.
  • Jamie and I got some groceries, then went to the gas station on the other end of Verlin and needed 8 gallons for a free coffee, and 10 for a dollar off the car wash (my black truck was white).
  • It clicked off at 9.7. But I got 'er done, in the tank - not the garbage can.

It's a good day.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Old Dan's Record

Dan Fogelberg - Part Of The Plan


Sunday, January 25, 2009

All around

Just watched Babel. It was difficult to understand - a confusing, complex distraction of ideas. But then, at one point during the film, I thought I had it all figured out. Then I was confused again.

I think the main feeling I have is this: we are all tied together. We are all the same. We look and speak differently, but if we try, we can understand one another. We stuggle with the same fears and desires.

It's complicated. A whole existence brought forth from one point - folded upon itself, built upon itself. A mountain standing on a grain of sand. It took all the forces of the universe and the complete expanse of time to form this moment. Understanding it all is beyond us. Still,... just keep trying. Keep moving forward.

That is life.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Get On Your Boots

New U2 song

Beatlesque sound to the chorus.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Tony & Carmen recommended the movie Snow Cake to me. I watched it tonight. It was good. A good soundtrack, too.

Considerate action

My new webpage is named after a line in a Robert Frost poem. I've told the kids this, and talked with them about the sigificance of the ideas in that line. I try to share my thoughts and feelings with them, sometimes my explanation of these ideas may go over their heads. That's okay, at least I've introduced them to these ideas, and they will grow - the kids, their minds, and the ideas.

The other day, Jamie brought me a copy of Frost's The Road Not Taken. He had transcribed it in his own handwriting, using parts of his recesses at school the last few days. He knew it was important to me. He has good ideas.

Monday, January 12, 2009

It was worth it just to learn some sleight of hand

Modest Mouse

Float On


Sunday activities

Dave solved some puzzle caches on Saturday, we went and found them Sunday, about a 3 mile hike for a series of six caches. Had to climb a tree for one.

Went bowling at Willow Creek with the kids in the afternoon.

Now I have sore muscles.

Go on a journey

Legg upp í göngu




Saturday, January 10, 2009

Feel music

Just posted to Bill Lawrence's blog. He's the creator and executive producer of Scrubs. Let him know he should use Sigur Rós' music. Hoppipolla is a good one.


Coffee tastes good this morning.

Dang, some good TTBOOKs coming up this month. Gotta wait.

Friday, January 02, 2009


I reworked my webpage today.

Way Leads on to Way

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Cool cuttings

I use a key fob flash drive to carry my TTBOOK shows downstairs to listen to on the big tv with the USB input. While the audio plays, I have a screen saver of pictures rotating. I just learned how to set a 1920x1080 pixel crop box on GIMP. Saves time.