Sunday, November 23, 2008

Inspired youth

There's hope for our society yet! Before you watch this video, you should watch the "Happiest" post's video. This is an adaptation. Happy happy, joy joy!

Subsequently found information:

the musicians are from Ferny Grove State High School

One of the happiest songs I've ever heard

Music for A Found Harmonium

This song is used in the movie Napoleon Dynamite, when the pieces of his life fall into place, but the music itself is joy. (I had been wondering about the song's identity for years, as it isn't on the soundtrack album. Thanks Wikipedia. (And WPR, the show Simply Folk played a zydeco tune with a similar melody, which caused me to search anew for the song I knew.))

Manic Sunday

Leader of The Band

No deer. We didn't see any. Heard no shots in our area. Lots of coyote tracks.

Spackled for the first time, at the house this afternoon.

Driving home tonight, caught the end of All Things Considered on NPR, enough to compel me to seek out Elgar (info). (I learned how to make a sharable playlist.)

Still life

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Back in the woods

Gonna go walkabout this weekend. See this beautiful world.


Patricia Smith read Sixth Grade Class on TTBOOK while I cooked and cleaned the kitchen.

Powerful truth.

Movin' along

Busy at work, busy working on the house, hunt coming up, Holidays. Viva la vida.

Thanks for the movie suggestion, Danny. I liked Young@Heart.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Let there be illumination from stimulation of flourescent particles in the presence of an electromagnetic field

Dan and the boys came over, and we installed two flourescent light fixtures in my garage.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Jamie, Dad, Doug & I cleaned up the shack this past weekend. Visited VonOepens for a bit (Jamie got to have a sleepover) and awoke to winter.


I came home from work, then the Man's Mall, then Woodman's - wanting to listen to an episode of To The Best Of Our Knowledge while I cleaned downstairs before eating supper. In order to do this I needed my USB flash drive - download mp3, save to flash drive, carry down to TV, listen to program through TV. I couldn't find the flash drive. I looked 'til I got hungry.

My mind worked on this problem with limited background resources while I cooked, cleaned, ate, looked for the flash drive, did some computer work, gave the cat some catnip, and did some laundry. Slowly, tiny little anchors attached to a wisp of an idea pulled me towards my most recent recollection of being in the presence of the flash drive.

I think I used it for geocaching data. Why would I do that? Check geo-vest, camera bag, jean jacket. I think I brought it to Dave's. Was it still there? When was that? The day we went to Manitowoc. I rode the motorcycle there. I had it in the backpack!


Treasure found.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Judy Finkel

One Malooga, four loogas

Monday, November 03, 2008

November as a summer month

Warm tonight.
Not a gale in sight.

Excellent story I read this evening.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Finders - keepers

Memory enhancer

My habit of taking pictures, and occasionally asking others to take my picture, helps remind me when I have forgotten to post an event, or two.

I was inducted into the Lions last week.

Jamie & Dad & I went walleye fishing last week. (Kayla wasn't feeling well.)

Wittenberg and back

Friday evening, I got a quick ride on my Nighthawk. I delivered some candy to Mary as she was running out, and Dave was with the kids trick-or-treating. I had 1 trick-or-treater when I returned to change my clothes. Jamie & I went along to Joyce & Garron's, then to Pizzona's for a late halloween dinner.

Saturday saw Dave and Garron and I drive to Wittenberg for the Lions' District 27B2 convention. Saw some good speakers, and learned some good things. Wisconsin Lions are well-respected.

J & K and I had dinner and watched a movie with the Gibsons then returned home to watch another movie. Kayla didn't make it through. She had gymnastics in the afternoon, after being up late on Halloween with her friends.

Made some pancakes this morning, cached, watched The Pack, and Rock Banded.